A Carry-On Only Packing List For St Lucia


Carry on only packing list St Lucia - Jessica Rose Williams

We’d driven halfway to the airport, an hour and a half from home, when I realised I’d forgotten my suitcase. I was 11 years old at the time and clearly the responsibility for my own case was too much to handle. Perhaps I’ve always been a light traveller at heart, secretly knowing I didn’t need all the stuff I thought I did. That being said, I still needed fresh clothes to wear and so we promptly turned the car around, went back for my case and miraculously still made the flight. Happy to report I didn’t forget my case this time.

Packing for a lazy week in the sun is the easiest kind of trip to pack for, but it still causes so much panic. How many bikinis do I need? What do I wear in the evenings? How do I cover up the bits I don’t like about myself without looking like I’m wearing a tent? The answer to all these questions is to keep things simple and pack what you feel comfy in and what suits you. Figuring out what that is takes a little trial and error but we need to take a lot less than we think. 

I gave up on longing to look like an extra from the Porter Magazine destination feature a long time ago. When I’m escaping to warmer climates, I know there’s only one thing I’ll really be doing – relaxing.  I like to do a little exploring but mainly you’ll find me napping in the shade, eating a few more ice creams than I should, reading and wandering up and down the beach with my camera. That’s honestly as exciting as it gets, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This kind of activity is easy to dress for. I keep it simple and very casual.

This packing list is pretty much identical to my South of France packing list and that’s because I’ve found a formula that works for me, so I stick to it. I’ve recently switched my sandals, tees and hat but other than I haven’t bought any new clothes this summer because I haven’t had to. That’s the beauty of a capsule wardrobe, it lasts. It makes packing so much easier and negates the need for mindless shopping leading up to a trip.

I never get bored of these items because of how I feel when I wear them. This goes against everything we’re taught as Western women, but there is nothing wrong with wearing our clothes over and over again. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day. If the 9th richest man in the world can do it, so can the rest of us. Give yourself permission to treasure the clothes that make you feel good. It doesn’t have to be anymore complicated than that. It’s a simple, winning formula.

A carry-on only packing list for St Lucia | Travel light | Packing tips | Simple living | Minimalist travel | Packing Tips


Stripe T Shirt Dress | Black Cami | Black Tee

White Tee | Black Slip Dress | Denim Shorts 

Black Onepiece | Black Bikini | Black Panama Hat

Black Sandals | Black Espadrilles | Black Shopper

I haven’t attached any links to the items like I normally do. If you’d rather I did let me know. Instead of suggesting specific items I’ve created a brand directory  where you can find which brands I turn to and what for.  It’s really important for me to emphasise that I’m not telling you this is the only way to pack and everyone should pack this way. I’m sharing what works for me and how I do it in the hope that it will inspire you to travel lighter so you can enjoy all the benefits of travelling light and focus on what really matters – the experience.

Carry-on extras

DSLR Camera and charger
Laptop and charger
Phone charger

Hair and Beauty
Flannels (just because I like my own)
Mascara, liquid eye liner, brow gel, lip balm
Travel size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, solid deodorant
Hair brush and comb
Sun lotion (purchased at the airport)

Other Clothing
6 x pants
1 x strapless bra
1 x sports bra
1 x trainer socks
Hoodie for the plane
Gym shorts, t-shirt and trainers for yoga / gym
A pair of yoga pants and a cami for relaxing at the hotel

Personal Essentials
A good book
Notebook and pen

I’m really looking forward to St. Lucia. We’re staying in two different hotels in the space of a week, which feels exciting. I’ll share how I put all these outfits together and details from the trip on my Instagram stories so if you want to follow along, you’ll find me there.

Would this be enough for you? What are your essentials for a week in the sun? Let me know in the comments below.

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A carry-on only packing list for St Lucia | Travel light | Packing tips | Simple living | Minimalist travel | Packing Tips





7 comments on “A Carry-On Only Packing List For St Lucia”

  1. Hi Jessica. Your style is very similar to mine. You’re a huge inspiration to me to become better at packing. I always, always over pack. Do you use the cami and leggings as pyjamas too?

    Do you wear jewellery? If so, I’m really interested in what pieces you wear.

    Have an amazing holiday!


    I’m on the lookout for a new hoodie after I spilled paint all over mine and ruined it. Where did you get yours from?

    1. Yep, they double up nicely. Jewellery wise I have a watch, my wedding band and a pair of silver stud earrings. I haven’t brought my watch away with me because there didn’t seem much point. Hoodie wise – mine was from American Apparel. H&M / Gap / Madewell do decent ones. You’ll have to let me know what you go for.

  2. Thanks Jessica for replying. I bought a dark grey one from H and M in the end.

    Are you always tempted to upgrade your items for better quality once you’ve found an item that you wear constantly? Or do you wait until they’ve completely worn out?

    Thank you for being so helpful.



    1. Great choice. I went through a phase of constantly wanting to upgrade but I wait until they’ve completely worn out now. You do get what you pay for – but only up to a certain point. Sometimes the upgrade isn’t worth it because you’re gaining any value. It’s a case of really thinking about what you’d gain from upgrading and if it’s worth the cost.

  3. Good piece, I always pack lighter now, it saves so much time, and in the end, you get ‘dressed up’ for a few hours.
    Beach hair and shorts any day of the week – x

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