Why minimalism appears to be a man’s world when women need it more


Why women need minimalism white peonies - Jessica Rose Williams

I’ve had a theory for some time now that the minimalism movement favours men. If it’s a topic you’re interested in, you’ll have no doubt noticed that the vast majority of leaders in the field are men. Being the type of person who loves to know the why of everything, it’s a theory I’ve given serious thought to. My question is why are all the thought leaders and loudest voices men when women have the most to gain from living with less?

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A Carry-On Only Packing List For St Lucia


Carry on only packing list St Lucia - Jessica Rose Williams

We’d driven halfway to the airport, an hour and a half from home, when I realised I’d forgotten my suitcase. I was 11 years old at the time and clearly the responsibility for my own case was too much to handle. Perhaps I’ve always been a light traveller at heart, secretly knowing I didn’t need all the stuff I thought I did. That being said, I still needed fresh clothes to wear and so we promptly turned the car around, went back for my case and miraculously still made the flight. Happy to report I didn’t forget my case this time.

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Why we need creativity and why our creativity needs minimalism


Why we need creativity and why our creativity needs minimalism - Jessica Rose Williams

I never thought I was a creative person. I wasn’t very good at art when I was at school and for some reason, this is the creativity test we put ourselves through. The general consensus is good at art = creative and bad at art = not creative. This is a terrible way to measure creativity. The truth, is that we’re all creative in some way because as humans we’re designed to be creative, and if we weren’t we’d still be living in caves.

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Slow Travel: A Beginner’s Guide


A beginner's guide to slow travel. Practical tips on how to slow down and make the most of your next trip.

What on earth is slow travel? It’s a question I get asked and one I realise I’ve never explicitly answered in a blog post before. I write about slow travel because it’s had such a positive impact on my travels, and I wanted to create a beginners guide for anyone who isn’t sure of its meaning. Slow travel is a term that was born out of the slow living movement. If I could sum up slow living in one definition it would be that used in Kinfolk:

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Capsule Wardrobe

A Minimalist Fashion Brand Directory


A Minimalist Fashion Brand Directory. Where to turn to and what to turn to them for.

Shopping for shopping’s sake and buying clothes we just don’t need is the easiest way to end up with an overflowing wardrobe that makes us feel like we’ve nothing to wear. That being said, we all need clothes and we want to feel good in them. Minimalist fashion brands are the answer to this dilemma.

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