New Year Skiing in Trysil Norway


Skiing in Norway Trysil - Jessica Rose Williams

Ski holidays weren’t on the cards for me when I was a kid. My mum used to dismiss my pestering with ‘it’s too expensive and we could go somewhere hot and sunny for the same price’. My odds didn’t get much better when I graduated to being able to travel with friends, they preferred The Inbetweeners like boozy trips to Mallorca over a trip to the mountains in winter.

All was not lost when I found myself a fellow travel lover and finally managed to convince him to give the mountains a chance. Six years later we’d rather ski than go on any other kind of holiday. Nothing forces me to switch off like hurtling down a mountain trying to keep myself alive, it’s mindfulness at its finest.

Norway isn’t a popular ski destination compared to the likes of France and Austria but it has so much to offer – wide open runs, picturesque scenery and you’re guaranteed piles of snow. I was mainly tempted by the scenery I’d swooned over in travel magazines and it didn’t disappoint. The drive to the ski resort alone was the most beautiful scenery I’d ever seen from a coach.

Norway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose WilliamsChoices are pretty slim compared to the alps with there only being a few ski resorts and even fewer that offered decent skiing that would keep us occupied for a week. Post research we settled on Trysil, a quiet resort with direct access to the slopes. We booked our spot on the ski express to take us up there from Oslo.

Norway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose WilliamsNorway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose Williams

Once we’d settled on a location, accommodation proved to be slightly awkward, as in there isn’t a lot on offer. I prefer smaller boutique hotels but the main options in Trysil were either a giant Radisson or a giant Radisson further down the mountain. We chose the Radisson Blu Mountain Resort and after checking out the other one further down the mountain, it was definitely the better of the two because of its quieter location and superior views. There’s nothing quite like opening your curtains to acres of snow drenched trees.

Norway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose WilliamsNorway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose Williams

Skiing in Norway - Jessica Rose WilliamsDays are simple when you’re skiing. You get up early, gorge on a carb-a-licious breakfast, clamber into all your ski gear and then go up and down the mountain until the sun starts to set. Evenings are cosy, casual and relaxed – my favourite kind. It was the perfect way to escape all that New Year pressure. Did I mention all the hot chocolates you get to pepper your day with? What’s not to love!

Skiing in Norway - Jessica Rose Williams

Norway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose Williams

With lows of -17, this was the coldest I’ve ever been while skiing and I had to upgrade my gloves while we were there to something more robust than the ones I’d taken. Other than that my packing list served me well and I had plenty to last me the week.

Trysil is brilliant for skiers who like to meander, breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the views (aka me). It hasn’t got loads to offer for big thrill seekers apart from a small selection of black runs that are all next to one another.

Norway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose Williams

Norway has left such a sweet aftertaste and I’d love to go back again one day. It’s without a doubt the Norway-skiing-Trysil - Jessica Rose WilliamsSkiing in Norway - Jessica Rose WilliamsNorway has left such a sweet aftertaste and I’d love to go back again one day. It’s without a doubt the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. A true winter paradise.

Have you been to Norway? Would you consider it as your next ski destination? I’ve no more flights booked and need people to talk travel with x

PS After all those years of saying no can you believe my mum is a converted skier now too! Just dropped my ski boots off for her to borrow.

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Skiing in Norway - Jessica Rose Williams

6 comments on “New Year Skiing in Trysil Norway”

  1. What a beautiful and picturesque post! You seem to have had a wonderful time!
    Skiing was such a huge part of my life growing up and the best location I think I have ever been to was Finland, skiing across frozen lakes was something I’ll remember for ever….and having to wait for a bus in -30!! ( worse experience ever!) 🙈
    Alas that stopped for no reason at all when I moved to the UK…off to Sweden in a few days sooooo looking forward to a break! 🖤

  2. Your photos remind me of our time spent in Alaska, living there for over 3 years and really getting to enjoy long winters. We miss it so much and dream of moving back for good, this time to the coast of either Seward or Homer. The utter Quiet.. the massive white blanket making everything so clean and protected.. the clarity you feel in the cold.. winter is highly underrated. Cheers to you for savoring it in an equally magical place, and grateful for memories brought back to life thru your post. Cheers.

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