I’m Jessica. I’m a writer, photographer and minimalist lifestyle blogger.

I’m currently based in Yorkshire, UK where I live with my husband Jason, our little dog Dolly and horse Teddy. We’re soon to relocate to a tiny village the Peak District for some escapism and a slower pace of life (and I’m really excited about it!).

This blog is my online journal where I can be creative, share my thoughts and experiences with you and write with an open heart. I wholeheartedly believe that life is better with less and my deepest passion is simplicity.

Recently referred to as “the queen of minimalism”, I know a thing or two about living with less and all the benefits that go with it. I’m the proud owner of a 32 piece capsule wardrobe, own 80% less stuff than I did two years ago and have more time and money than ever before to do the things I love – like travel. Simplifying my life wasn’t easy but it changed everything for the better and I’d never go back. 

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