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I’m Jessica. Talking about myself in a sharp, snappy way like all the advice told me to, really isn’t my thing. The best I can do, is give you an honest introduction to myself, and try to manage your expectations of this little corner of the internet.

I live in Yorkshire, England. I’ve always lived here and went to University here too, despite my love of travel.

Aged 27, I quit a job a hated. The previous year, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and although given the all clear that same year, I quickly realised I wasn’t immortal and life was short. Everything came into question. Enter minimalism. I decided to declutter my entire life and start adding some real meaning to it. At a guess, I own 80% less than I did two years ago and I’ve never been happier.

My deepest passions are simplicity, self-improvement and inspiring others. This blog is where I can be creative, share my thoughts and experiences and write. As the rarest female personality type (INTJ) I tend to have a different point of view to most.

My hope is this blog will help others simplify their lives too.


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