Capsule Wardrobe

A Minimal Year Round Capsule Wardrobe


Minimal year round capsule wardrobe

I’ve never considered myself very stylish. I wanted to feel stylish but always felt like I was pretending when it came to clothes. ‘Who would I try to be this week?’ I grew up reading fashion magazines, thinking the women in them looked perfect. I wanted to be perfect too so I would try and dress like them. I never knew what my ‘style’ was. I just used to buy whatever the celeb I was into at that time was wearing or what glamour magazine told me to. If I saw a friend looking good in something, I’d maybe buy that. Like most women, I aimlessly built up a huge collection of clothes, shoes and bags that just weren’t right for me.

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The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset


Ultimate guide to a minimalist mindset - Jessica Rose Williams

Pre minimalism, I used to look at other people living minimal decluttered lives and wonder how on earth they did it. How could I declutter all the rubbish in my life and be left with only the good stuff? l It looked great on the surface – perfect even – but how could I make changes to my own life to get where they were? Was it even possible for me to do so, realistically and long term?

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Slow Travel In Paris: A First Attempt At Slow Travel


Slow travel in Paris - Jessica Rose Williams

My fifth time in Paris but this time it was different – there was no itinerary and no specific plan. I was attempting Slow Travel for the first time. Slow Travel is basically throwing the guide book out of the window, ditching the jam packed itinerary and taking a slower pace to really enjoy the details of a place.

This was a first for me and being the itinerary maniac I am (think Monica from FRIENDS), it felt very strange. In an attempt to simplify my travels and apply a little minimalism, I’m trying to spend less time researching and planning. It can be really time consuming, not to mention expensive, when you’re cramming as much in as possible.

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In Praise Of Traveling Light

IN PRAISE OF  TRAVELLING LIGHT. A minimalist approach to travel. Why I choose to only travel with a carry on suitcase.

In praise of traveling light - Jessica Rose Williams

Take a look at my Instagram and you’ll see that I love to travel. This is nothing new, I’ve always suffered from the desire to wander but lately, what I take with me has changed significantly. I take so much less. Maximising my luggage allowance always seemed likethe the necessary thing to do because I’d want to take as much as possible away with me, you know – just in case.

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