In Praise Of Traveling Light

IN PRAISE OF  TRAVELLING LIGHT. A minimalist approach to travel. Why I choose to only travel with a carry on suitcase.

In praise of traveling light - Jessica Rose Williams

Take a look at my Instagram and you’ll see that I love to travel. This is nothing new, I’ve always suffered from the desire to wander but lately, what I take with me has changed significantly. I take so much less. Maximising my luggage allowance always seemed likethe the necessary thing to do because I’d want to take as much as possible away with me, you know – just in case.

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How to Live With A Non-Minimalist When You Are A Minimalist


How to live with a non minimalist - Jessica Rose Williams
If you’re living with someone who doesn’t share your values for minimalism, you have my sympathies. I’ve been there and it is so frustrating. You’ve seen the light but they won’t listen, they won’t respect our new found ways, they even make fun and tell us we’re ridiculous. The last thing we need on this endeavour is another barrier, right?

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