Capsule Wardrobe

A Minimalist Autumn / Fall Capsule Wardrobe


Minimal Autumn Fall Capsule Wardrobe - Jessica Rose Williams

I love September! I turn 30 next year,  but I still get that back to school feeling every time Autumn (Fall for my American friends) comes around because it feels like another January. I can still remember how excited I used to get about new stationary, textbooks and a fresh school uniform. You’re either completely on board with my nostalgia or thinking what a geek! Either way, you can’t deny September is the time for a fresh start. It’s also the time when my favourite kind of clothes start coming out to play. There’s nothing quite like Autumn / Winter fashion. Sprinkle some minimalist style in there and we have a match made in heaven.

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A Slow Travel Journal – Cannes



Slow travel has completely changed the way I plan and enjoy travel. I used to spend hours researching endless travel guides and planning how I could cram in as much as possible on a trip. It was exhausting. Now, I attempt to do less but better. My aim is to soak up as much of a place as possible by paying attention to the little things, as opposed to racing round to see all the sights. It’s a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience once you realise you don’t have to see and do it all.

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Fancy A Minimalist Challenge? I Made You Something…


Minimalist challenge - Jessica Rose Williams

A minimalist challenge is something I’ve wanted to create for a while and I feel really excited it’s finally here. That back to school season is fast approaching and personally, I love it. It feels like another January and it’s a really motivating trigger for change. With that in mind, I thought this was the perfect time to tempt you with a bit of fun and help apply a little minimalism in the process.

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Saying “NO” Without Guilt and How to Do it Gracefully


How to say no gracefully - Jessica Rose Williams

Learning to say no hasn’t been easy but it has given me more time, and in a lot of cases more money, to do the things I really want to do. That tiny two letter word NO is one of the smallest, yet most empowering words in the English language. It can take courage to use, but when used to our advantage, saying no allows us to sculpt our lives by rejecting the things we don’t want to do and gifts us the time we would have lost by saying yes. It allows us to take back control. Our time is the most precious resource we have, using it wisely makes sense.

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