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#mydarlingminimal - Jessica Rose Williams

We all love Instagram, right? If you’re anything like me, that’s a rhetorical question. I love that little app (follow me here). Sometimes I love it too much and I have to have a little word with myself about how addicted I’ve become, but the escapism is irresistible. Beautiful visuals, a community vibe and the most positive bunch of people you’ll find on any social media platform keep me checking in throughout the day. Where else would you find social media accounts unapologetically dedicated to beautiful flower arrangements, Shetland pony adventures, hedgehogs, tiled floors or symmetrical breakfasts? I’m all in when it comes to Instagram.

When I first started typing ‘minimalism’ into search bars it didn’t take me long to realise that there was a strong aesthetic side to the lifestyle choice. Endless perfect Pinterest worthy images popped up on my screen and although beautiful in their own way, the immaculate kitchens, sharp lines and strictly monochrome photos can have almost an emptiness to them. Yes, I loved the clean lines and I personally love monochrome, but there was a realness missing. Surely minimalism isn’t all monochrome and empty houses? No, of course it isn’t – we can still love beautiful things and keep it simple, colourful even!

Introducting #mydarlingminimal

I created this new hashtag #mydarlingminimal as a bit of fun and because I think we’ll all enjoy it. I want it to take us away from that stereotypical empty monochrome photo because there’s more to minimalism than the aesthetic. You can still post beautifully minimalistic photographs with soul and story to them, there’s a beautiful side to minimalism beyond the status quo. So many people think it has to be clinical and cold but as we all know that’s simply not the case. These images already using the hashtag prove that, don’t you think?

So I’ve felt like a bit of a swan this Christmas season. Calm and serene on the outside whilst maintaining flurries of anxious swimming underneath. The hubbie is finishing work early today so we can collate our stock and make a plan – very swan like of me. “Let’s write lists” I said. Lists of course being my favourite thing to do at times like this. And on another note – how hard are Dads to buy for! My Dad said he just wants a hug, a supply of coffee on Xmas Day & slippers. Aww bless you Dad, but seriously, that’s not helpful. So I’ve booked us a table at a steak house for tea. I think this will be much more memorable and tasty for me too 🥩 😂 Anyone else having issues finding fun interesting presents for parents? 🙈 Happy Friday all x

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A note on hashtags

If you’re not used to hashtags don’t worry, they aren’t as puzzling as you might think. Think of them as a way to make your photo searchable on Instagram, like a categoriser. Once upon a time it was popular to hashtag every single thing in the image e.g #coffee #love #girl but now those obvious hashtags are so saturated with literally millions of photos, it’s beneficial to use more relevant, smaller and engaged hashtags (like this one) so your photos have a higher chance of being seen. If you want to read more about hashtags, this guide to hashtagging by @me_and_orla is fab.

The new #mydarlingminimal is starting to fill up already with over 1100 posts but that’s still quite small as far as hashtags go. I kind love that and it’s actually a good thing – it means it’s just for us. It’s a great way for us to all connect on Instagram by using #mydarlingminimal for relevant photos and then searching it (in the tags section) and finding like minded people who share a similar aesthetic to us. Instagram has recently brought in being able to follow hashtags too so we can keep up with our favourites. I love scrolling through all the beautiful photos that are being tagged and I’m sure you will too.

I’ve also created a separate account (@mydarlingminimal|) where I’m sharing a selection of photos from the hashtag. So far it looks something like this…


Creative Prompt

If you want to join in but you’re struggling for inspiration, I’ve purposely kept this hashtag quite broad so nothing is off limits. Think of it as a hashtag for realistic minimalism, a celebration of beautiful simplicity. Use it in the caption, or the first comment, of your photos with a minimal mood and remember to keep thing simple. Follow and keep checking in with the account for inspiration. Simplicity will do wonders for your photography and we’re seeing more and more photos with a lot of negative space (the space around the subject) appearing on the Instagram explore page.

Some ideas

  • A stolen moment from your daily routine
  • Simple pleasures like a cup of tea
  • Your decluttered wardrobe
  • A beautiful but simple display in a shop you love
  • Cosy moments
  • A favourite simple corner from your home

I can’t wait to see all your beautiful posts and share them on the account. Any questions about hashtags etc, feel free to ask in the comments – I love to talk Instagram!

J x



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