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A minimalist winter capsule wardrobe


If I were a season I’d be winter. Cosy nights in, hot drinks on tap, wrapping up warm and ski trips make me secretly ache for those cold dark nights to arrive. For those of us with body issues (raises hand) we can all enjoy feeling slightly less self conscious too thanks to it being perfectly acceptable to wrap ourselves up in copious amounts of material.

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I feel like there’s a natural casualness that comes with winter style, maybe that’s why I love it so much? Dressing in general feels easier, like it requires less effort because all we really want to do is keep warm and feel cosy.

My favourite thing about winter style is how predictable it is. The same things come into the stores and magazines year after year. You know that if you buy a good quality wool coat it’ll be fine for next year and the year after that. Buying quality winter clothes means less time spent trawling round the shops and online – you’ll spend less too. The only thing I’ve bought for my winter wardrobe this year is a new black dress; a much coveted item I’ve been in search of for well over a year. Everything else is from last year or the year before. I promise you that buying better so it lasts really does work.

I haven’t included all my horsey gear in this winter capsule wardrobe because I feel like all that stuff comes under the hobby category. This is my day to day wardrobe I’ll be wearing all winter in my non horsey life.

a minimalist winter capsule wardrobe

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Some / a lot of the items I have in my wardrobe have sold out now because I don’t top up every year , but I’ve linked all the items in the collage to similar items I’d be tempted by if I was looking to buy new pieces. All the items intentionally complement each other which means maximum output with less input. Win win for those of us who like to make things as easy and straight forward as possible.

Long sleeve stripe top – the ultimate goes with everything item. I bought mine this summer and wear it most days.
LBD – the right LBD will see you through every season year after year. I love wearing mine with tights and boots or flats in the winter.
Long sleeve cashmere sweater – this is what I wear most out of all the tops. Buying slightly oversized will give you that slouchy look.
Roll neck cashmere sweater – something thick and cosy to bury yourself in is a must.
Roll neck jersey – great for layering and super cosy.
Skinny jeans – the only jeans I’ve been wearing. If I woke up and these were missing from my wardrobe I’d feel naked.
Sweatshirt – a plain sweatshirt is a go to throughout the year and winter is no exception.
Wool coat (or here ) – a good quality wool coat will last for years and never goes out of style. This is a good place to invest a little bit more.
Shopper bag – so practical for anything and everything. I can’t be without.
Cross body bag – perfect for evenings or when you don’t want to take much with you
Gloves – I cannot be cold.
Scarf – …again, I cannot be cold!
Chelsea boots – these will never go out of style (people have been wearing them since 1851).
Ballet flats – not the most practical I know but I still wear them to death through winter too. You could switch them up for brogues?
Trainers – Comfy chic and warm too.

I’m dying to know what you think. Would this wardrobe see you through the winter? What would you add to it? Let me know what your essentials are for winter in the comments below..

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A minimalist winter capsule wardrobe | minimalism | capsule wardrobe ideas | winter outfit ideas | minimal style | minimalist fashion | how to build a capsule wardrobe | winter style

8 comments on “A minimalist winter capsule wardrobe”

  1. I love this, thank you for putting it together for us to see. So inspirational! So helpful to have links on exact or similar items and prices. Thank you!

      1. Hey, I noticed a lot of your clothing choices are blended materials. Is this because you think they are sturdier and hold up better than, say, pure wool or pure cotton? Are they easier to clean and maintain? Thanks for your tips and have a blessed day!

        1. It’s funny you ask that Kathryn, it’s something I’ve looked into for ages. There are arguments for 100% materials and arguments for blended. I always try to go for something ‘rich’ so more than say 60% wool or cotton. I haven’t found either are easier to maintain because even if the material is 100% there are still different kinds of cotton / wool and manufacturing methods. I tend to stick to the brands I trust. Hope that helps xx

  2. I think your vision is needed in our ever increasing materialistic world, so thank you! I would like to add a note of appreciation for the item descriptions below the item images. You seem to navigate toward black, gray, and white because those are the colors that best suit you. However, someone fair and blond could still benefit from your minimalist approach only choosing the items in colors more suited to her.

  3. I really like this winter wardrobe Jessica and all your pieces would suit me. The only additions I would make would be to have a total of at least 8 long sleeved tops and another pair of jeans. Also, I like a hooded coat to avoid having to carry an umbrella. I tend to wash my clothes once a week so, therefore need a few extra items. Perhaps you do your washing overnight but any tips on managing with less would be very welcome. Thank you

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