The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset


Ultimate guide to a minimalist mindset - Jessica Rose Williams

Pre minimalism, I used to look at other people living minimal decluttered lives and wonder how on earth they did it. How could I declutter all the rubbish in my life and be left with only the good stuff? l It looked great on the surface – perfect even – but how could I make changes to my own life to get where they were? Was it even possible for me to do so, realistically and long term?

It turns out, I’m not the only one who had those feelings and that’s why I’ve created this Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset download. I blog about this stuff because I’m passionate about it. I whole heatedly believe that less is more and we could all use more simplicity in our lives today. We are all too busy and too stressed, spinning round and round on that hamster wheel and we’re missing all the stuff that really matters. It doesn’t have to be that way, but making the shift isn’t easy when we live in a society that constantly encourages us to have and do more.

Inspired by chatting with like minded people, I came up with idea of a mind cleanse in the form of an ebook I’ve titled The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset. 100% FREE. Who doesn’t love the idea of a good cleanse? A detox to get rid of all the bad and leave us feeling refreshed, ready to take on the world.

I had to tackle a fair bit of self doubt with this one, which is something I’ve been focusing on lately. There are so many how to guides available – what would make mine any different? I came to the conclusion that it was me – my own experience and what had actually worked for me over the last two years. It’s full of all the things I wish someone had told me when I set out to simplify things and add more meaning. If it worked for me then it may work for others too and I’d love nothing more than to inspire some simplicity in others – I know the benefits all to well, which you can read about here

I think you’ll find this download useful. It’s designed to get your head in the right place to start making some positive changes and let in some minimalism. Without the right mind set, it’s impossible to achieve more than random decluttering and a general state of confusion about wanting to live a simpler life but not knowing how to make that happen for real.

So, what is it?

Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset

Think of this ebook as a mental cleanse, a 7 day detox that will get you on the right track to living a simpler life with less stuff and more value. Bliss! It takes a steady pace, giving you time to reflect and take small realistic actions over the course of a week – or all in one go if you’re super eager. (No whirlwind how to guides here. Good things take time)

Just click the link below and you’ll be able to download it straight away. Keep it on your desktop, save it on your phone or print it out – whichever works best for you. 

The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset

Let me know your thoughts and how you got on in the comments below. I love nothing more than geeking out with people about how amazing it feels to get rid of all your stuff and what comes next.

Cheering you on as always x

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Ultimate guide to a minimalist mindset. A minimalist lifestyle has endless benefits but it all starts with a minimalist mindset. This free ebook is packed with simple living tips to help you get there | Simple living | Minimalist living | Minimalism | Minimal lifestyle | Slow living | How to be a minimalist


7 comments on “The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Mindset”

  1. This is seriously brilliant!!! Congrats on putting something like this together. I think a big obstacle to minimalism is tackling your own mindset and preconceived notions of what you ‘need’ to live a happy life. Can’t wait to start the detox!

  2. I CANNOT wait to read this. You are a wonderful human being to want to help others achieve the freedom and happiness you’ve found through simplifying. You make the world a better place. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Jessica I’ve really benefited from this, I am, as others guilty of trying to keep up with the ‘jones’ or ‘kardashians’ as you said, it’s REALLY tough and tiring! When we let go, and find other, more meaningful things to fill our time, it is truly ‘freeing’. The tough part for me is letting go of items that are sentimental, and maybe things that were expensive, so I feel guilty not wanting them anymore, if they won’t sell, what do you do with them? Am I wasting them?
    My hubby actually said to me yesterday, ‘are you really getting rid of ALL those clothes?’ Without even a slight hesitation I said a definite ‘yes’ it felt fab , and they are all gone to charity!
    Thankyou x

    1. I am so happy you have benefited from this! Sentimental items are always the hardest to let go. I had a pair of expensive jeans that didn’t sell – I gave them to charity. It felt really good and I’ve never given them a second thought. No regrets.

      Keep going! I love how happy you sound with the progress you feel you’ve made xx

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