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A minimal loungewear capsule wardrobe


This post is in partnership with Toast and all the items featured were kindly gifted, but the words and opinions are all my own.

If you’re anything like me you love being at home and those quiet cosy nights in are your idea of heaven. I grew up in the kind of house that celebrated pyjama days and I’m still a loungewear loyalist. If you’re one of those people who lounge around watching telly in your jeans and then change straight into pjs (or not) for bed, firstly I’d argue that you don’t know what you’re missing but secondly, this might not be the post for you.

Pre capsule wardrobe and pre minimal lifestyle when I was surrounded by endless piles, drawers and wardrobes full of clothes, I’d demote less worthy items to loungewear and, if I’m being honest, I’d feel like a slob when I wore them. When I offloaded almost every piece of clothing I owned because I realised I’d only been wearing a fraction of them and most of them didn’t reflect who I really was or my true personal style, all those demoted tatty clothes got discarded too. Less but better and only what I need were my new mantras.

A minimal loungewear capsule wardrobe | Jessica Rose Williams

Giving myself permission to purchase quality loungewear I loved, instead of waiting for Christmas to come around and hoping someone else will deem me worthy, has been a real game changer. It’s amazing how only wearing clothes you love and feel good in can alter our mood and make us feel so much better. This isn’t the part where I tell you a pair of outrageously priced silk pyjamas will make you happy, they won’t – but that old care bear nightie with holes in it will make you feel bad. Throw it away.

a minimal loungewear capsule wardrobe

There’s a section of Marie Kondo’s book The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying that’s dedicated to loungewear. This is what Marie has to say;

‘To me, it doesn’t seem right to keep clothes we don’t enjoy for relaxing around the house. This time at home is still a precious part of living. Its value should not change just because nobody sees us… The real waste is not discarding clothes you don’t like but wearing them even though you are striving to create the ideal space for your ideal lifestyle.’

– And Marie, I couldn’t agree more. Owning dedicated quality loungewear that has neither been demoted nor purchased with a ‘oh it’s only for around the house’ attitude, has made a massive difference to how I feel in the clothes I wear at home. I no longer see the point of saving clothes for best, surely it makes more sense to wear our favourite clothes every day and for us loungewear enthusiasts that means wearing only what ‘sparks joy’.

a minimal loungwear capsule wardrobe - Jessica Rose Williams

I get a lot of questions from capsule wardrobe enthusiasts about how to manage loungewear. How many items is too many? Should I get rid of it all? Which items should I choose? My advice is always to wear what suits you, what you feel happiest in, buy less but better and only ever buy what you actually need. What that looks like in reality is different for all of us and it takes practice to realise what works for you.

Here’s a 7 piece loungewear capsule wardrobe for inspiration. It’s designed to be all you need and you’ll notice everything compliments each other so it can be mixed and matched. These 7 items are designed to serve you as a complete capsule wardrobe of their own. They should be kept separate from an every day capsule wardrobe and only worn at home. Hopefully you’ll find this capsule useful if you’re planning to pare down your existing loungewear collection or if you’re looking to start a new one.

A minimal loungewear capsule wardrobe - Jessica Rose Williams | minimalism | minimal style | minimal loungewear | slow living | capsule wardrobe ideas | how to build a capsule wardrobe | capsule wardrobe tips | simple living

Linen trousers – My mum would have a lot to say about me lounging around in linen because of how it can crease, but I personally love that lived in look

Cardigan – to be worn on its own or layered, it gives that warm hug feeling that only an oversized fine wool cardigan can give

Basic Tee– ideal to wear on its own when it’s warmer or to layer under a cosy sweater / sweatshirt

Sweatshirt – I love being warm and despise being cold so having something to snuggle in is essential

Nightie – An alternative to modern pjs, a nightie appeals to any fellow Jane Austen wannabes out there. Super comfy too

Pyjamas – I feel like these go without saying. I couldn’t imagine life without pyjamas

Cosy socks – a must in the winter and opting for cashmere makes them breathable in warmer weathers too

Thank you so much to Toast for partnering with me to bring you this blog post – I can’t recommend their beautiful clothes enough. If you need me I’ll be living in my cardigan.

What do you think of a dedicated loungewear capsule wardrobe? Do you love slipping into your loungewear as much as I do? What’s your go to item for a cosy night in?

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A minimal loungewear capsule wardrobe - Jessica Rose Williams | capsule wardrobe | loungewear | capsule wardrobe inspiraton | simple living | how to build a capsule wardrobe | minmalist living tips | minimalism | minimal style | slow living

8 comments on “A minimal loungewear capsule wardrobe”

  1. This is my favourite post. If you’re Happiest at home in your comfies, why not make them luxury (or at least not scruffs)! We spend so much time at home it makes loungewear just as important as ‘going out clothes’
    I have been there where I’ve been at home in downgraded clothes and felt I haven’t been or will be productive with my day unless I change.

    Why shouldn’t we feel good all the time?

    Great post.

  2. Oh I love it all Jess give me comfy every day and the fact that this all looks super stylish just makes it perfect. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Ha, I think you hit a nerve about wearing demoted clothes. I’ve done that my whole life, saying to myself, This is too crummy to wear out of the house anymore, so let’s just keep it for scrumming around the house. BAD idea, it’s so demoralizing and I’m just sick of keeping junk, way over time to let it all go. The Care Bear nightie reference cracked me up. I’m excited to check out Toast. Thank you, Jessica!

  4. Just yesterday I gave myself a permission to buy good quality lounge wear, which consists of 2 matching pieces – trousers and cardigan made of merino wool and tencel, and I love how it makes me feel! Absolutely worth to invest. Thanks for a beautiful article Jess! I

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