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Why The Capsule Wardrobe Advice You’re Reading Is Wrong


Why the capsule wardrobe advice you're reading is wrong - Jessica Rose Williams
There is something alluring about a capsule wardrobe, a small collection of quality items that compliment each other and are so versatile, you’ll never have one of those, ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments again. After purging the majority of my wardrobe which you can read about here, I became obsessed with building the perfect capsule wardrobe.

my capsule wardrobe story

I don’t know how many clothes I used to own but I wish I’d counted. I had wardrobes, drawers and even suitcases stuffed full of clothes, shoes and accessories. Putting outfits together was stressful and I was always looking to buy something new. Fast forward to now and I’m the proud owner of 6 pairs of shoes, 2 bags and 22 items of clothing (Underwear, clothes for hobbies or lounge wear aren’t included in this figure). I can confirm from experience that capsule wardrobes work. Deciding what to wear is easy, because I only own clothes that I love and everything goes together. A capsule wardrobe is worth pursuing.

I could show you what items I have in my wardrobe but unless you’re the same height, weight and share my tastes, they may not be for you. I could list all the items I think you need to build the perfect timeless wardrobe, but that would be impossible unless I knew more about you as an individual. Instead I wanted to share some advice that I hope you find useful, based on my experience.

consider the advice may not be specifically for you

There are so many articles available that claim to help you build the perfect wardrobe. Search capsule wardrobe in Pinterest, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I spent a lot of time researching and followed the advice I found online telling me to buy this that and the other, in order to build the perfect capsule wardrobe. There was one huge problem – the advice I was following wasn’t designed specifically for me and I can assure you, it isn’t designed specifically for you either.

What works for one person will not work for another. We are all different shapes and sizes, before we even take into account our differences in taste. This is a good thing and we should celebrate that. You’re lifestyle might not cater for the suggestions all that capsule wardrobe advice gives you – and that’s ok!

do what works for you

Instead of following ‘the perfect formula’ we see on Pinterest or in the latest magazine issue, it’s far more beneficial to invest your time and effort to determine what is right for you as an individual. Take some time to really think about what colours suit you best, which features you like to show off and which you’d rather hide. It is so important to dress for our body shape and wear clothes that make us feel good. The only way to do this is by getting to know ourselves, having an understanding of what our body shape is and how best to dress it, being confident in what we like and what we don’t.

I’m only 5ft2 and that means no matter what the advice tells me, high waist skinny jeans will always look better on me than boyfriend jeans. Fact. I will never feel as confident in a pair of boyfriend jeans as I do in my skinny jeans so no matter what advice I’m given, I’m always going to go with what I feel most confident in and what suits my lifestyle.

reconsider those must have purchases

We buy so much because we think we should or because our favourite magazine tells us it’s a must have. Is it? Is it a must have for you? It might be but it also might not and I’d urge you to consider all those must have purchases carefully.

There is some great advice out there and as my blog grows I’m looking forward to sharing plenty of my own advice based on my capsule wardrobe experience. All the advice is great for inspiration but shopping for clothes takes up our two most valuable resources, time and money and we should make sure we spend them very wisely.

This is only an introduction to my perspective on this topic. I’m capsule wardrobe obsessed and have so much more to share on this topic in future posts. My own capsule wardrobe was 18 months in the making, it didn’t change over night. I’m proud of what I own now and look forward to sharing more about this with you all.

If you’ve had experience of creating your own capsule wardrobe or have any thoughts about this article, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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Why the capsule wardrobe advice is wrong. When I created my minimal capsule wardrobe I read all the advice out there. It turns out you have to do your own thing to get it right | Capsule wardrobe | How to build a capsule wardrobe | Minimalist style | Minimal capsule wardrobe



41 comments on “Why The Capsule Wardrobe Advice You’re Reading Is Wrong”

  1. I completely agree! I’ve never done a formal capsule wardrobe. Partially because I don’t own enough clothes to make a separate capsule, but also partly because I haven’t jivved with the ‘how-tos’ out there. I’d rather figure it out on my own-even if that means not doing it ‘well’!

    1. i don’t have separate capsules either. I just have my wardrobe and it does me for EVERYTHING. All the seasons and holidays – apart from skiing when obviously i have to take other clothes to ski in. doing things your own way and being confident in that is so important.

  2. Very nice! EVen though we’re all Different, I’m looking forward to your breaking down the contents of your capsule as I think most of us could benefit from your particular ideas. Is this your summer capsule pictured above?

    1. Thank you Kathryn. I didn’t know if this was something people would be interested in but I’ve had a few requests now so if people would find it valuable, of course I will share. The photo is my wardrobe. I don’t have seasonal capsules like I know a lot of others do. I just have a year round wardrobe.

      1. That’s definitely what I would have, one year-round capsule. Because I live in Florida! I’m very excited for you to break down your wardrobe. Thank you!

        1. I envy all that sunshine you have! I went to Miami last year and loved it. Planning to do more on my wardrobe soon.

  3. I’ve been experimenting FOR a while and I’ve found which colors work best for me, fit my style, etc. i take up less than half of a standard closet! i couldn’t be happier, except in investing in some quality undies (my next step).

  4. It is worth it don’t you think? it’s funny you mentioned undies. i never gave them a thought until one day i did. i invested in some quality but just enough to last me a week. it made such a difference! i couldn’t believe how much better my clothes looked and how much better i felt in them. let me know what you end up with – i could talk about this stuff all day.

  5. Hi jessica your posts, which i started seeing on instagram, always give me food for thought,
    I would love to have a capsule wardrobe, also im sure hubby woukd love it, tAking up less space in the wardrobe! I believe we buy clothes just because we feel we should own lots of them,down to media i say! But it must feel so liberating to own a few pieces in which you feel good in, & are quality pieces, please share how you started in more detail thankyou amanda

    1. So good to hear from you, thank you for getting in touch. We definitely buy clothes because we are encouraged to do so. I see it all the time now where as before I never gave it a second thought. How much could we possibly need right? I’m planning to do more on my wardrobe soon and the process I went through. It was so worth the effort. You will probably already have your capsule wardrobe – It’ll be those few items you wear on a regular basis. Try turning your hangers all one way and then when you wear something, turn the hanger the other way. After a few months you’ll see what you wear and what you don’t. Everything you don’t can usually go.

  6. Its funny because i do wear ,what i thought ‘same oleclothes’ but actually these are obviously my capsule pieces! Thankyou …. i look forward to more posts jessica 💖



    1. That’s what I was doing Eire. And then I was thinking, this isn’t right, this isn’t the perfect staple for me. Like anything it’s trial and error. I’m so passionate about capsule wardrobes though. I love timeless style.

  8. Absolutely love this! Great advice! Especially for someone new to a capsule wardrobe. It’s easy to want to follow that perfect formula, but you’re so right, to get the perfect formula you need to think about what your needs are, what styles work best for you, and what you are comfortable wearing!

  9. Love your article and your vision. Have beeb wanting to to do a capsule wardrobe. And am ready to now. Will you share how you started and walk us thru your steps getting you to where you are today? How will i be able to find your blogs? This just popped up randomly? Thank you so much. I am ready!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment! It makes my day hearing from others like me. I am definitely going to share all that information and more. It’s coming soon. Following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is the easiest way to keep track of new content. The links are in the sidebar. Click the icon you want to follow me on and you’ll find my account to follow. So glad to have you!

  10. I really enjoyed the pictures of your home. One thing I look for is PICTURES of all the different combinations of a capsule WARDROBE. even though I know STYLE taste may be different, I JUSt like to see for idea’s.

    1. Thank you Debbie. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. I’ve been sharing outfits on my instagram stories lately so you might enjoy seeing what I piece together. Hoping to do more on the blog as it develops. I love ideas too.

  11. Kelly Lundberg has some good advice: style personality first, body shape next, colour afterwards. If you can, at least, work out what really suits you, you’ll be on the right track. I like Courtney Carver’s approach, which carries me from one season to the next. If you need to pare down, her Project 333 is a good way in.

  12. I’m so over the majority of capsule wardrobes being in colours of black/white/grey. Drab, boring colours, and for older women (like me), black is just ageing – and black and pure white don’t suit everyone’s skin tone.

  13. Hi Jessica, just wanted to say I am so happy I found your blog. I have been obsessed with The Minimalists’ content, but sometimes it is difficult to use their advice as they are boys (obviously, we wear and use different stuff) 🙂 Also, as they live in the USA, most of their recommended brands that I admire do not sell in Europe. So for me to discover a lady that lives in the UK (which is way closer to my home country – Lithuania), has a similar taste in clothing and is a similar body shape is such a lovely discovery. I am so curious to read your blog posts and pick ideas, which I can use in my personal minimalist journey! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    1. Hi Agnejak! So happy you found my blog too. Welcome to the club! I know exactly what you mean, I love what they say but they’ll always be boys at the end of the day and we’re different – YAY! If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write about just let me know xx

      1. Jessica, I’d love if you share more about your journey towards healthier and more minimal skincare. I’ve read your first blog post about minimising it and I would love to know more as I am on this journey myself. What daily procedures, tips and products have you discovered so far? I noticed you use oil, cleanser. How so you survive without facial cream? Here you go, such a feminine topic 🙂

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