30 Life Lessons I Learned by 30


30 lessons I learned by 30 coffee in Copenhagen
I turn 30 next year. As I get ready to leave my twenties behind, it feels like a good time to reflect on all the life lessons I’ve learned so far. I am so different to who I was a decade ago and I have these lessons to thank for that. I’m wondering if any of these echo with you, or if there are any you would add. Let me know what they are in the comments.

1. Spending time getting to know ourselves and who we really are brings confidence and self-security.
2. You are the best friend you’ll ever have. Be kind to yourself.
3. Not everyone will like you. They aren’t supposed to.
4. Listen to your gut, you know what is best for you.
5. Friends come and go and that’s OK. Resisting this only brings unhappiness. Drifting apart doesn’t make us bad people.
6. It’s better to have one good friend than lots of ‘friends’ who barely know who we really are.
7. Wear SPF every day, because there is no better anti-ageing product out there. Prevention is better than the cure.
8. Fake tan is not a good look. Never has been,never will be. Leave it alone.
9. Finances are important, prioritise them and your future self with thank you.
10. Travel is good for the soul.
11. Travel light.
12. It’s OK to have no idea what we want to do with our lives. Doing what makes us happy ensures we are heading in the right direction.
13. Make time for grandparents and ask their advice. They have so much wisdom to pass on.
14. Your wedding day is not the best day of your life, it is not worth the money you think you should spend on it.
15. Create a skin care routine that’s right for your skin type and you wont need to wear as much make up.
16. Prince charming does not exist. Keep your eyes peeled for someone who shares your values and makes you laugh.
17. If you hate your job, quit!
18. We have nothing without our health, we should prioritise it and take care of ourselves as best we know how.
19. Obsessing over and idolising seemingly perfect people is a total waste of time.
20. Perfection does not exist.
21. Your style will evolve, go with it.
22. Dress for your body shape and ignore trends.
23. You will not regret investing in quality items that suit you and will never go out of style.
24. Saying no is empowering. If it doesn’t add value to your life, why would you say yes?
25. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Everything can seem different in the morning.
26. We all make mistakes, sometimes big ones, just make sure you learn from them.
27. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
28. Embracing change can lead to exciting opportunities.
29. True happiness will not come from material possessions.
30. When we think the answer to a problem is to add something, the answer is usually to take something away.

Did I miss any? What are your life lessons? Let me know in the comments below.

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30 life lessons I learned in (almost) 30 years. As I reach the end of my twenties, it feels like a good time to look back on what I've learned so far | life lessons | self care | turning 30 | simple living



20 comments on “30 Life Lessons I Learned by 30”

  1. Great words of wiSdom jess! Lots of these certAInly ring tRue for me. My favouriTe lesson ive Learnt Prior to approaching 30 is that growth and Comfort do not co-eXist – plodding on does not push of forward.
    Hope EveRything going well with you. Looking forward to hearing more x

  2. I read both of these as if you were saying them out loud! Glad to see all the repeats of satc paid off 😚 x

  3. A lot of this rIngs true for me, Now in my mid 30’s i found that my 20’s wAs spenT learning, mainly about myself..what i wanted to achiEve and who i wanted to surround myself with and share the iMportanT stuff with.. i got rid of parasites and people who were all round poisonous. I totally agree with the fact A wedding day certainly doesnt make a marriAge and prince charming does exist. I have written my whole life and put writing my book on the back burner for a while but something about reading your blog has got me thinking ‘ why wait’ ‘what for’…time will go bY anyway…xx

    1. I’m so glad you related to some of my reasons. Writing is what I’m enjoying the most about blogging so far. You should write your book! People deserve to read it and you just never know. I don’t think you’d regret it.

  4. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! So so very true, congratulations for launching your blog 🙂 so amazing! X

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It is scary but taking that pressure off makes it a little less so. The main thing is you’re doing what makes you happy x

  5. I am definitely going to take on board a lot of these lessons because even though I’m only 18, I realise that I need to only live the life that will make me happy. Even if I’m not sure what that life looks like and if I’m not quite doing it at the moment. Loving your blog.

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